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Have you been wanting to find a place on the internet where you can express yourself? Or perhaps you own a business that you feel will benefit from having a strong online presence. Do you have experience in a very specific field and would like to earn income by sharing your expertise in an online platform?

There are a myriad reasons why you’d want to publish a website, but whatever that reason may be, you will need a quality content management system as the foundation of your little space on the internet.

But first things first: what is a content manager system?

Also known as CMS, is a software or an application that allows its users to create and manage digital content.

Most people are perhaps more familiar with the web content management, or WCM, publishing facility, but this is actually only a component of a content management system.

Some popular content management systems you might have heard of include WordPress, SilverStripe, RefineryCMS, ModX, and Ghost, among a plethora of many others.

When do you need a content management system?

  1. If you need a better, more efficient way of updating the content on your website. If you need to rely on your team’s IT guy to publish content for you, you might miss out on timelines for your content when they’re most relevant. As we all know, content on the internet practically goes up real time – and if you miss the window of relevance for a particular post or content, you might as well not post it at all.
  2. If you need a more cost effective way to manage your website. Sometimes managing a website can include a number of repetitive tasks that don’t need human intervention. With a high quality content management system, you can do away with these repetitive tasks by automating them, so that you can use the skill sets of your designers for other, more important tasks.
  3. If you and the rest of your non-technical staff need more access and control over your content. Your team will not be composed solely of IT professionals and designers. With an effective content management system, you enable your non-technical staff to contribute and help manage your company’s content.

What should you look for in a content management system?

  1.       Look for a content management system that is user-friendly and is easy to navigate. Your CMS might have all the bells and whistles, but if no one in your team except the ones with IT experience will understand how to use it, your content management system and its many functionalities and features is practically useless. Don’t be dazzled by the many features a CMS promises: before anything else, consider its usability.
  2.       Look for a content management system that you can customize and personalize. You will have very specific requirements as to how you want your content managed, and with the variety of CMS products available in the market now, there’s no need to settle for a one size fits all program. Be meticulous and find the CMS that can be customized just the way you like it.

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